About us

Kong's Adventures is an active tour company dedicated to delivering its guests the most enjoyable and safe trips through central Vietnam. We offer a wide range of travel options including family adventure holidays, national park trekking tours, cycling tours, school expeditions and much more.

We pride ourselves on quality delivery, reliable service while not forgetting to give back to the community. As we travel alongside you, we promise to walk you through the historical and cultural background of Vietnam, ensuring you gain the colourful flavors and perspectives of how Vietnam came to be today. Our experience and knowledge make us one of the most trusted tour operators in the Vietnam.

Our style is flexible - we can customize your trip to be an intense physical adventure, a laid back beach vacation or a culinary exploration of Vietnamese cuisine. Your trip will be designed according to your interests, time and budget. We want the experience to exceed your expectations.
Being a travel provider in Vietnam, we are aware of the consequences of mass tourism on a number of destinations in Vietnam. Loss of natural beauty, and cultural identity, is a sad reality of a developing tourism industry. Furthermore, local people are living below the poverty line while their space is being occupied by seemingly wealthy tourists.

As a part of our philosophy, and our commitment to responsible travel, we have joined hands with the local people to help them improve their own lives, preserve the environment of the country, as well as improving the living conditions of the poor local residents. 

We want the community to grow with us, hence we continually engage with locals, farmers, family businesses to learn how we can help to improve their lives. And our many efforts keep going on, we walk the talk and tell our tales!
Our tour guides and core team are seasoned professionals with over four decades of combined experience. We have led cross border tours, inter and intra region groups, for big groups, corporates as well as families, friends, couples and soloists.

We are in this for the long term, so we put in our best efforts. We want to go far, together.

We sought the best equipment out and to date provide the best mountain bikes in the region. We marry local ground knowledge into the global arena beyond just online avenues, by bringing in our Singapore-based founder to outreach internationally.