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The best way to teach and learn is outside the class in the real world. Learning is memorable when you enter the life of others and leave them a little better.

We will be able to arrange trips to schools and institutions in Quang Nam (1.5 hours from Danang), Quang Thi (3.5 hours from Danang), Hue (1.5 hours from Danang). Trip duration is generally 7 to 10 days, including ours in the nearby cities of Danang, Hoi An and/or Hue.

Depending on your needs and preferences, we will recommend the following itinerary ideas. Do contact us directly. We will work with you to design and plan according to your needs.

  1. School exchange – Experience the life of a student in Vietnam beyond the big cities. What facilities are there in the school? Do they have computer labs and canteens? What do the students eat for meals? Do they use computers and smart phones on a regular basis, or have television and other learning assistive devices? As there are no schools catering to the handicapped community, special needs students attend regular schools. School takes on a new spin away from what you might have imagined, are you ready to be inspired by such an experience?


  1. Community visit – Village, orphanage, other institutions… It takes a village to bring up a child. However, not every village is as developed and resource-rich. What opportunities and support are the children in these communities able to access? What defines the life possibilities of a child in a unique community like this? Find out for yourself.


  1. Community giving – Have an idea how you can contribute? Let us know. 
  1. Infrastructure
  2. Medical
  3. Education
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